What is GAMOOZ?
GAMOOZ is the future of Books. GAMOOZ enables Book Publishers to add fun and interactivity to their books. With GAMOOZ, Publishers can create different types of Mobile Apps for their Books. These apps are a perfect way to deliver multimedia content to book readers.
How does it work?
GAMOOZ has a huge collection of interactive book ideas for different Subjects and topics. A Publisher can choose ideas for his book(s), and can create interactive apps for his books.
Are these apps Free to download or do I need to pay for these apps?
Yes, All GAMOOZ Apps are Free to download. But in order to use these apps, you might(or might not) need to buy the book(s) for which these apps are made.
Do I need to create one app per Book?
GAMOOZ offers apps for both single and multiple books. It is upto you to decide whether you want to go for a one app per book, OR, one app for all your books.
How can I become a Re-Seller of GAMOOZ Solutions?
If you are interested in becoming a Reseller of GAMOOZ, then please drop us an email at info[at]GAMOOZ[dot]com
I am a multimedia content developer. How can I associate with GAMOOZ?
Multimedia Content is an integral part of GAMOOZ. We are always looking for content developers who can deliver high quality educational content to our customers. If you are interested in partenering with us, please drop us a mail at info[at]GAMOOZ[dot]com
What is a Push Notification?
A Push Notification is an Alert/Notification pushed to devices from server.
How can I advertise my new books to my already existing customers?
With every GAMOOZ powered app, publishers get access to Push Notifications Dashboard. A Publisher can now send Push Notifications to his app users about a new book launch, or new discounts/offers.
Can I export analytics data?
Yes, you can export analytics data and use it whereever you want. The data can be exported into csv format.
How can I request a demo of GAMOOZ?
Just fill up the Demo Request form, OR, send us an email at info[at]GAMOOZ[dot]com, and a GAMOOZ Relationship Manager will get in touch with you asap to help you with the demos and creation of apps for your books.
Can you share some interactive ideas for books based on different subjects?
Here is a list of interactive book ideas for different subjects: Ideas List. You need to login in order to get access to this amazing list. If you don't have a login, Register today!
How many Books have used GAMOOZ till date? And which solution did they use?
More and more books are adopting GAMOOZ everyday. So far, 1000+ books have used GAMOOZ. Here is the list of Books, with details about each book and how each book used GAMOOZ: Books List
From where can I download GAMOOZ powered apps?
GAMOOZ Apps are available for download on Google Play and Apple iTunes Store.
I am a Book Publisher. Will you help me come up with ideas for my books?
Yes, of course! Just drop an email to info[at]GAMOOZ[dot]com. Normally, enquiries from official email Ids get faster response from us compared to a gmail or yahoomail id.