"SMART BOOKS" are the future of Text Books and Smart Interactive Learning.

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GAMOOZ "SMART BOOKS" for Students?

GAMOOZ has created SMART Text Books for every subject from pre-Nursery to 8th standard (K-8). These Text Books are approved by CBSE Board and are used across thousands of schools in India.

Every SMART BOOK is made interactive using GAMOOZ's Technology. The cost of these SMART BOOKS is very competitive.

GAMOOZ is a FREE SMART BOOKS app based on Augmented Reality. With GAMOOZ app, students can scan pages in a book to reveal hidden content, which helps them in learning more from the book, in a much more fun and interactive way.

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Self-Learning tool for your kids

No Dependency on teachers or parents for learning.
Kids can now learn on their own...

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High Quality Interactive Text Books

All SMART BOOKS come with high quality content.
All SMART BOOKS confirm to CBSE curriculum.

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SMART BOOKS for all Subjects!

GAMOOZ works with books of all subjects from Pre-nursery to K-8. Eg.English, Hindi, Science, Computers, Maths etc…

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Computers
  • Environmental Studies
  • ELT
  • Colouring
  • Rhymes
  • General Knowledge
  • Alphabets
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Wide variety of Books to choose from

1000+ Text Books from 10+ Publishers.
Text Books for every subject from pre-Nursery to 8th Standard (K-8).

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Improve Multiple Skills

GAMOOZ helps your kids improve multiple educational skills required for their age groups.

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50000+ Educational Activities

Over 50000+ different types of interactive educational activities are available on GAMOOZ.
There is no limit to what your kids can learn.

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Choose Mobile device based on your budget

GAMOOZ works on both Android and iOS phones and Tablets.

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SMART BOOKS for Kindergarten

SMART BOOKS for Alphabets, Numbers, Patterns, Writing, Rhymes, Colouring and much more....
Your little students now have a smart learning solution in their School Bags.

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Smart Class Friendly

GAMOOZ connects seamlessly with your existing Smartclass, LED/LCD Screens, or Projectors.

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Hi-Tech Classroom Learning

ReBook adds new dimension to education system in a school.

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Scan Pages in a Book to see related Educational Content

Just download the GAMOOZ app and scan the pages in GAMOOZ Powered Books to explore the hidden Educational content in the form of:

  • Animated Videos
  • Videos of Lectures/Sessions
  • Audio/Voiceovers
  • Webpages
  • Interactive Slideshows
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Pictures
  • GIFs
  • 3D models
  • 3D animations
  • 2D animations
  • Interactive Exercises
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