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How can GAMOOZ help Publishers?

GAMOOZ is an Interactive Books Platform. With GAMOOZ app, students can scan pages in a book to reveal hidden content, which helps them in learning more from the book, in a much more fun and interactive way.

GAMOOZ allows Book Publishers to add fun and interactivity to their books.

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Solutions for Books

Mobile Apps for Books

Develop Mobile Apps as extension to your already existing printed Books. Bundle your book related multimedia content in an interactive Mobile App and engage your readers like never before.

Augmented Reality Apps for Books

Augmented Reality acts as a bridge between Print and Digital Content. AR makes digital content easily and quickly accessible, adds fun and interactivity to the content, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience.

3D Augmented Reality Books

From kids to adults, everyone loves 3D. 3D visualization of content in the Books takes the user experience to next-level. And learning become fun and magical!

QR codes based Apps

QR codes can be added to any book to relate a page with relevant digital content(video, audio, website etc...). Its a new level of interactivity for your readers...

Audio Books

Isn't it convenient for the reader to just relax and listen to your content? Now your readers can download Audiobook apps of your books to listen to the audio/voiceover of different chapters/topics.

Digital Books

How about converting whole Book into super-interactive Digital Book on your Mobile phone? A Book in which readers can read the pages, click on the hotspots on those pages to access digital content, and engage themselves in interactive exercises.

Animated Books

Now you can create Animated books and attract more readers and customers. Animated books are more fun to read, more engaging and interactive.

AR Coloring Books

Coloring is fun activity of kids and adults. How about creating some super-cool apps for your coloring book customers, which enable them to get more out of your coloring books.

Quiz Apps

How about creating some mind guzzling fun and interactive Quiz apps related to your books, which enable your readers to test their knowledge and learning acquired from the books.

GAMOOZ - Interactive Books Platform

GAMOOZ is a cloud based App for Interactive Books. Publishers can add thousands of books and content to GAMOOZ app and make those books interactive.

  • Cloud Recognition
  • Support for Million+ Images
  • Support for different AR Experiences
  • Scan to Play Video
  • Scan to open a URL
  • Scan to play Audio
  • Scan Book Covers to see book details
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Clean Blur Images
  • Scan to view Product Catalogs
  • Play Youtube Videos
  • Scan to play a Ticker
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White-Labeled Apps

For a company, Brand and Visibility is very important. GAMOOZ helps you create White-labeled apps with your Branding. So, you can now create fun and interactive apps for your books, which also carry your branding.

Your readers can now interact with your books and access your digital content via these apps. Learning has never been so much easy and so much fun.

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Content Management System (CMS)

GAMOOZ provides online CMS(Content Management System) to Publishers for managing their apps and content. Afterall, you want to be the one in control, isn't it?

  • Online CMS
  • Add new content
  • Update Content
  • Configure App
  • Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • User registration reports
  • Manage Features
  • Manage pricing plans
  • Build apps
  • Test Apps
  • Publish apps
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All these years, Publishers had remained disconnected from their end-customers. But not any more. With every GAMOOZ solution, you get detailed analytics about your readers/customers eg.No. of app downloads, number of app views, user profiles, users' contact details, user's likes and dislikes, most popular books, most popular chapters/topics, users' geo-location etc...

You can use this analytics to target your marketing activities more accurately. You can now decide your future Book topics based on the most popular topics.

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Push Notifications

Every GAMOOZ app enables Publishers to send Alerts/Push Notifications to their Book readers. Publishers can now conenct with their readers like never before.

  • New Books
  • Special Offers/Discounts
  • Upcoming Book in a Sequel
  • Book Signing events by an Author
  • News & Updates
  • New Books by same Author
  • New Books about same Subject/Topic
  • Diiferent variants of that book
  • Award or Recognitions
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Interesting facts about content in the book
  • Events
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Cloud-based & Standalone Apps

Every book is different, their readers are different. So, why should their apps be built on the same architecture and usability standards? GAMOOZ helps you develop different apps for different types of readers.

For high-tech and well connected users, you can offer Cloud based apps. For kids and readers with limited internet access, you can offer Non-cloud apps. And for those who want the best of both the worlds, you can offer them Hybrid apps.

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